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Healthy Hemp: A Guide for New Comers

Although it is illegal to grow hemp, it has been proven to be a very useful plant for many purposes. Unlike cannabis, hemp has very low levels of THC, and as such, it has been approved for making a variety of products including foods. Healthy help is a major source of nutrition with the nutritious elements being found mainly in the hemp seeds and the hemp oil.


The hemp seeds are highly nutritious with essential elements such as fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals. The seed is also the source of a healthy variety of hemp oil containing alpha-linolenic acid and linolenic acid. These essential fatty acids are beneficial to the body. The hemp seeds also provide a highly concentrated amount of balanced proteins and all the vital amino acids. With this nutritional content hemp seeds are very useful in reducing inflammation, improving brain function, helping in loss of weight, reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke among others.


Hemp oil can saturate easily and for this reason, it ought not to be used for frying or baking. They have high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, which are considered essential to the human body. The two primary fatty acids available in hemp oil are linolenic and alpha-linolenic acids. These fatty acids are most useful in the cell structures and the regulatory biochemicals of the body.


Another essential fatty acid found in hemp oil is the gamma-linolenic acid. This type of fatty acid helps to control inflammation and alleviate such conditions like atopic eczema, psoriasis, and mastalgia. It is also helpful in managing psychiatric, cardiovascular, and immunological disorders.


Hemp's health benefits are numerous. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, hemp also offers the hemp milk as a suitable replacement for the daily milk. The hemp milk comes in various flavors such as the chocolate, vanilla, and the plain flavors. It can be found in any of the natural food stores near you. Moreover, hemp is a good source of magnesium, which is a highly essential mineral in our bodies.


Despite the many health benefits that come along with healthy hemp, many countries are yet to legalize it. This is mainly because many people associate hemp with cannabis even though they are very distinct. The main difference between hemp and marijuana is that while marijuana has high levels of THC, hemp's THC levels are extremely low. THC is the main substance that is responsible for the euphoric high in cannabis. As a result, you can only enjoy the benefits of hemp by consuming its easily accessible food products.

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